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Multi-Market • Real Estate • Buy & Sell • Automation

• Automatically Find opportunities for Clients In any market

• Automatically sign and send offer Contracts

• Automatically follow up & close

Multi-market real estate

buy & sell automation


Automatically find deals in any of your markets, sign & send offer contracts, follow up, close & dispose

Welcome. We’re Real Smart Tools, and we’re in the business of streamlining yours.  From automated MLS analysis & Off Market mailing, to CRM flow, Web design, and Digital Marketing, we attack it from all angles. 



Products & Services

- Off Market Integration

A Machine Learning based platform that helps Real Estate Agents and Brokers find deals faster. Create your searches, build a buy-box, run calculators to evaluate against your financial criteria, and auto-fill, sign & send contracts. IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange.

We tailor the RST-IDX (Internet Data Exchange) deal finder to you, then setup a live stream of opportunities that match what you're looking for. You'll get app notifications including the opportunity details, a pre-filled & signed contract, and a well prepped offer email, ready to send to the listing agent!

Are you interested in sending out off market mailers? Do you need help sourcing a list? Do you need a more competitive rate with your mail-house? Would you like to have it all automated and tracked in a single system? Welcome to Real Smart Tools Off Market Integration.

We flip, wholesale, wholetail, and buy & hold ourselves. We've been in the business for over a decade and enjoy sharing what we've learned to help others succeed!

We certainly don't know everything, but aside from the brokerage, we also operate Property Management, Demolition, Fencing & Metal Work, New Home Construction, and a few other businesses. We're happy to help by providing a little guidance and/or answering any questions you might have about taking your business to the next level.


RST-IDX Deal Finder

MLS Opportunity Stream

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At Real Smart Tools, our solutions help brokers and agents be more effective and efficient with their time and resources. Our platform takes advantage of live data streams, coupled with algorithms finely tuned to your real estate acquisitions model, and intelligent workflow and marketing strategies to help you execute with precision and speed.


Founded by a team of Brokers, Agents, and Technology Experts who dreamed of utilizing data and tech to be quicker and more accurate with less, today we offer smart, innovative services expediting acquisitions and reducing costs for clients nationwide.

We'll discuss your business model and market to make sure this platform makes sense for you. We want you to be completely comfortable, and confident that what we're offer...
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